How to download private facebook videos?

  • Private videos are those which are not publicly available to see by other users, it can only be seen by wither the owner or by user, generally friends, with whom owner have shared the video, or have permissions to watch the video. Private videos cannot be downloaded via simple method because these videos are not public, rather it require the source code of the page to extract the video streaming URLs.

    Step-by-step guide to download private facebook videos online:

    Private videos have following any of the following icon in the sharing settings:

    Icons Meaning Privacy
    Anybody can see the video, also can comment, like the post. Public
    Video not shared to anybody, only owner can see the video. Private
    Video shared with friends of the owner of the video. Private
    Video shared with specific users who may not be fiends of the owner of the video. Private

    Download our Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension from Chrome Store. Click on the below button to download.

    Is the video available to you? Can you see the video?

    Downloading Facebook videos using Chrome Extension is super easy. Download Buttons appears below every videos or on the videos. No more steps required. Any type of video can be downloaded without any hassle.

    Go to the private video page in Facebook.

    Go to Facebook

    Install Chrome Extension

    In the FB homepage, groups or pages, there will be two download buttons below every video in the feed, in HD or SD formats.

    Download button below videos

    In the single video page, download buttons are present in the upper right corner of the video:

    Download button on single videos

    In the sidebar preview video, download buttons are also present there in the upper right corner of the video:

    Download button on previewed videos